Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Year in Magic

Greetings, All!

Tonight is a special night.

A year ago I had asked three talented friends to do something crazy: to blog. I asked them because I wanted others to know how insanely awesome they were. I wanted them to share a bit of themselves with the unknown audience of the neenernet and get something back in return.

In the span of a year, three of us have moved. Skemp boldly went where no Skemp has gone before- a cross country road trip from the shores of Carolina to the mountains of Montana. Clara moved from her teensy apartment a block away, and now has a kitchen worth bragging about. I moved from one upstairs apartment up the street to another upstairs apartment. My neighbors have much improved! Kristi and her hubby (aka: my big brother), have happily not moved.

I think it's safe to say we've also hit a few growth spurts writing wise. Each of us realizing it's okay to admit that you are an artist or author. Scarier than you know, because when you utter such a declaration you ready for yourself for the constant bombardment of inquiries such as: "But how do you eat?", "Don't you make any money?", and "What will your parents/spouse/lover/friends/therapist think?" (Answer: "I'm sorry, did you say something? I was too busy thinking about how much champagne I'm going to have to buy when my first novel becomes a best seller". Or, you know, something like that.)

And as wonderful as this constant tea party in wonderland has been, it wouldn't mean much if we didn't have a small army of supporters. To all of our readers I have been struggling to find the right words all evening to say how much your contributions have meant to us. Naturally, I've fallen short. So to put it simply- with a deep bow and a deeply grateful heart I humbly say, thank you. 

Love & Magic,



  1. No, thank YOU miss Lucy. Whenever I think of you I see one word whimsy and fun. Two words I think of. Whimsy, fun and fairy glamour.Three,no four words I think- well you get the idea!