Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Feckin' Christmas

You guys, there are ten days until Christmas. Ten days!

And if I am perfectly honest, I'm not feeling it. The Christmas Spirit hasn't grabbed me yet. I've got a tree, and it is pretty, but that's it. I've played Christmas carols, but mostly because they are in Gaelic and fun to sing along with.

This is the first year, ever, where I haven't been ecstatic over the holiday season. I'm guessing it is because I have no idea what to give the people I love. The stress of trying to find the perfect gift is hogging all my thoughts and not leaving any room for any cheer. There are parties to plan for, too, and I'm trying not to contract some horrible flu like I did a few Christmases ago.

And that just won't do, y'all.

Christmas isn't supposed to be stressful and miserable. Christmas is supposed to be bright and shiny; it's supposed to make you grin like an imbecile when you see a star topped tree. Hearing a bell ringing should fill you with a serenity that comes from knowing there is goodness and beauty in the world.

So, for tonight, I am not going to think about the presents, the shopping, the planning, the cooking, none of it. I'm just going to sit here, staring at my tree, and think about what this time of year means to me. I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that it will be pretty close to what Tim Minchin says in "White Wine in the Sun."
I really like Christmas.

What have you guys done to get into the swing of the Holidays?


  1. Is that why you didn't help me decorate the tree, for the first time EVER? Please don't get strung out over Christmas!

  2. However, I do like "White Wine in the Sun".

  3. I had to watch this last night after wrestling with the tree downstairs. It made me feel quite a bit better. Maybe if we could just stay home and play in the snow we'd feel a little more jolly?

    Worth a shot anyway. :)