Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Say thank you

You all know I harp on Banned Books Week.  Well, it is this week and I have to mention it.  Instead of my usual rant, I'll offer a challenge.  This week, thank one person who taught you to read voraciously, not just what was 'right' but what sparked your interest and made a difference in your life.  It can be a teacher, parent, librarian, friend, or LeVar Burton.   You can thank them in person, by phone, email, handwritten letter, Twitter, or Facebook.  Or blog.  (Here's mine: thank you Mommy and Daddy!) 

When you meet the challenge, leave a comment letting us know who you thanked and how you did it.  Kudos to the most creative. 

Happy reading!


  1. Thank you for your challenge and met!

  2. My thanks must go to my sister. She was in college when I was most impressionable and she brought home the most outrageous and whimsical books !!I'm sure that I never would have heard of most of them if not for her. To this day I read everything she suggests. She is the most well-read and intelligent person I know.