Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Melancholy Mood

You will all have to forgive me, my post today is a bit... maudlin. Regular hijinks will resume next week.

Today's post is for my mom, in a round about way. Every cloud may not have a silver lining, but all clouds, eventually, fade away.

(oooo, I'm so deep!)

Amanda could hear the music as it slipped out from underneath the library door. The notes of the piano drifted slowly by like mourners at a funeral. She had heard this piece before, but never like this. She slid the door to the library open slightly, almost afraid to break the spell being woven inside.

François sat in the darkened room looking solemnly out the window. He was reclining, which seemed to be his default position, one hand holding a glass of wine, the other tracing the notes of the music lazily in the air.

“Lost again, chère?” His voice was lyrical and Amanda could hear clearly the tones of the piano reflected in his words.

“I heard the music. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” Amanda started to back away when François spoke.

“I really wish I had met this man Satie. I could have, you know. If I had ever bothered to stop wallowing in my own misery I could have returned to France and met him. He really understands.” Even though the room was dark, Amanda was sure she could see tears on his face. At the very least she could hear them choking his usually cheerful voice.

“What does he understand?” Amanda closed the door behind her and walked gingerly toward him in the darkness.

“He understands suffering. Can’t you hear it? It is almost painful to listen to.” François whispered.

“Why do you listen, then?” Amanda edged closer in the dark.

Rather unexpectedly, François reached out and grabbed her hand. “Because suffering ends. Listen. There is pain, and then the pain fades. It is hopeful.” He squeezed her hand gently. “The heartache ends and one can again be happy.”

The moon appeared gleaming from behind a sullen cloud and illuminated the room. François was smiling, not his usual puckish grin, but a sincere smile. Then it was gone as the music switched to a more lively and playful tune. Amanda doubted she would ever see that smile again; she didn’t know if she could bear to see it again.


  1. One of my greatest joys was teaching you about music-that it is not just something in the background and barely noticed. Ironically, Satie sort of "invented" background music. He earned his food by playing softly while hotel patrons dined. Satie and Chopin- they'll rip your heart out.

  2. Personally, I prefer Mozart & Bach.
    Moskeeto Jack.