Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recalling Your Truth

A little Lucy: The Artist in Reverie & Avid Grape Kool-Aid consumer.

What have you always known to be true? I ask you this because it's something that we tend to forget. A familiar truth that we pass by every day and forget that it's there. So tell me, what is it that you know to be true? To be real? What is about you that makes you feel so charged and magnetic? 

For me, I have always known that I was an artist. Of some sort. I'm not a specialist in any medium, I am sad to say. I love to paint, but I'll never be as awe inspiring as my Godmother. I love to draw, but being around skilled artists at work all day makes me feel shy about showing my sketchbook. I'm not a bad photographer, but I won't ever capture beauty the way that Shannon does. I've been a journal writer since the age of nine, a poet since thirteen, and a blogger since sixteen. Yet will I ever measure up to the likes of Sabrina Ward Harrison, e.e. cummings, or Gala Darling? Hardly. 

So if I'm not a prodigy or a savant or even particularly dedicated in any one area, why do I bother? 

Easy. I'm addicted. I can't not do what I do. Simple as that. I couldn't stop even if I tried. I'm hooked. If anything, you could say I'm an Exploration Artist. Or just call me curious. ;) 

For almost three years now I can say that I am both lucky and grateful to be gainfully employed as a graphic artist. Whether or not I will always be so, I have to remind myself that what I do for my bread and butter doesn't have to be the same thing that feeds my truth. 

I have learned that just because you may work in a less than satisfactory position, or even if you do work that you love, it doesn't mean you aren't living out your own truth. When the gnawing of the muse happens, creative types like us will always find a way to get our hands dirty in our novels, paintings, carvings, and dreams. The Beatles wrote song lyrics on napkins, great poems have been scrawled out on envelopes, Harry Potter revealed himself to J.K. Rowling while she was on the train. What is stopping you? Whatever it is- you can get rid of it. 

You can get rid of your doubt; your guilt; your shame, and your fear. 
All you have to do- is remember. 

So I ask- what have you always known to be true?


  1. Oh Lucy. What a good post. I've been thinking a lot about what is true for me and why do I bother and I came to the same conclusion that I can't not do it. I'll always love it, writing and arting, and, to paraphrase H.T.S., i may not be good at it or be able to support my self with it but until the dark thumb of fate presses me into the ground, by Golly, I'm gunna do it. And p.s. you are a pretty fantastic artist no need to compare yourself to gala or cummings. Your voice is different than either and its beautiful and that's the truth.

  2. P.s. I love your shirt. Where can I find one...

  3. Your photos are better than you think and your writing. Wellit intrigues me!
    Moskeeto Jack

  4. Don't sell yourself short, Lucy. You are very talented. You are a lovely collection of art, wit, whimsy and delight!