Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lessons From Baba Yaga VIII

The Making of a Family

Here's what I know. Baba was utterly flabbergasted by the arrival of two young girls because she was only accustomed to having to deal with one. I had been an unannounced guest myself. So there she was, an old bent woman now in charge of dealing with three youngsters. Even I knew this was going to be rough.

Baba never lost a beat though. She ushered the children in, shedding their wet clothes, and offered the oldest girl new ones from a dresser she kept by the door. Dutifully, the older girl dressed herself and then her infant sister. Baba ushered them to sit on the footstool in front of the fire. I was to watch over them and make sure nothing happened while Baba scrambled about the kitchen fetching food and warming goats milk.

When she emerged from the kitchen she had a plate prepared of leftovers for the eldest. Who, without waiting, hashed it down gratefully. Baba lovingly scooped up the baby and stuck a bottle of milk to her mouth.

Within minutes, food and milk were devoured and any fright or unknowing had been replaced by comfort and genuine love. I cleared the dishes and bottles while Baba played with the baby and burped her. Her big sister wrapped her legs around her and fought to stay awake.

"Well now, three daughters have been brought to me! Something must be shifting within the loom of time." Baba sucked on her bottom lip as she thought and rocked the baby gently. "Hm. Well, first thing's first. You all must get a good night's sleep, and I will consult with The Garden. Don't be afraid my dears, everything looks less scary in the morning." A comforting smile put the oldest into a state of ease. She simply nodded at Baba and I, and then fell asleep.

Baba with the baby, and I with the sister, we four trotted up the stairs to my sleeping quarters. The stairs, never letting Baba pass before, grew wide and welcoming as she stepped up them. They knew she was bringing pitter-pattering feet for them to enjoy.

I had had the fortune of sleeping in a large bed all to myself. Tonight I would share it. I secretly hoped not for long. Little ones like her had a knack for wetting the bed just as you would fall asleep.

Out from a closet Baba pulled out a cradle. Fresh linens and pillows had been stored nearby as well. Each of us slid into a deep and easy sleep. Baba instructed me to come get her should either of them wake up fussing, as she doubted the stairs would be as nice to her twice in one night.

I nodded my understanding and knew nothing else of the world until the morning.


  1. This should be interesting.
    Moskeeto Jack

  2. What an imagination you have Miss Lucy! I love to see my favorite girls having fun.By the way, the cupcakes were delicious!