Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Funday

Ship happens. To everyone. Not all days are filled with magic. However, someone just smiling at me can make my day brighter, a well placed joke can lighten the mood, a hug can relieve pressure and make my sick belly feel better. This is my Monday Funday post to you Spatulans. If you're bummed it's Monday already, if you've gotten some bad news, if you're just bored waiting around for quitin' time - this is my virtual hug, smile and well placed joke. Because we all need to laugh. And a hug would be nice. And smiles... OK you get the idea. Just enjoy.
 Guess who is Turning Japanese in this music video?
 Billy Collin's action poetry is really fun to watch and nice to hear.
The oldest rocker in the neighborhood. 
Baby Bat's are frackin cute
Seeing sound? Say, what? What. No, really. See this sound.
Holy, photographs of water droplets, Spatulans!
And you wanted to know about using your off camera flash... ok ok here you go.
"Cowbells and hand claps. Huey Lewis was Hot and Cold before Katy Perry was born." my Friend Matt Whaley
Don't be a bully. No, really. This video was really intense. Not to be a downer, but I had to share.
Now to lighten the mood watch this Canadian Treasure sing! Bam!
Being smart is sexy. Damn right. Read the newspaper to me, baby. Spell correctly for me, baby. (C-O-R-R-E-C-T-L-Y. Correctly. Is being a smart-ass sexy?)
Tom Waits has a new CD. I want. Watch this music video for his new song Satisfied
Guess who else has a new CD/DVD. Tegan and Sara. They Get Along. Like Woah.
Check out this woman mechanic. Yes.
I was told to read Lydia Davis' short short stories. Instead I found this interview with the writer in a 2008 article in The Believer. I like her. I want to read her short short stories now.
I also found this interview with Joyce Carol Oates who says running feet helps writing minds run. While I'm not advocating running to boost your writing/magic making capabilities, or anything overly exerting, this is a good read and I will say that being able to move around outside makes me feel more inspired.

Have a Fantastic week, Fantastic Spatulans. 

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