Sunday, November 6, 2011

How To Do Alone: A Lazy Sunday

What's not to love about A Lazy Sunday? Unless you're so in the future that you hate Sunday because you keep thinking how the next day is Monday and how it will be time to go back to work again, there really isn't anything to dislike about Sunday. Today was A Lazy Sunday for this Spatulan. And by lazy I mean I enjoyed my day off, ate breakfast late, bought something nice for myself (a magazine), and did something nice for a friend. This post is How to Do Alone: Lazy Sunday Edition. (It's lazily been posted late at night too! I'm going the whole nine yards with this one, yo.) Being lazy alone isn't hard but one could possibly get stuck in the same old wake late-eat late-watch same movies in bed-grumble about monday-lazy day routine. Here are some suggestions to shake up a lazy day. But not too much shaking, because we're still trying to be lazy.

What You Need:
  A Sunday
 ♥ Willingness to be supremely unproductive
 No deadlines or reasons why having a lazy Sunday would be detrimental to your health, job, work, school, children, significant other (although the sig. oth. or children could 1. understand you need a lazy sunday or 2. be allowed to join in). Note: If you have a thesis paper due Monday morning and you aren't finished ... I wouldn't recommend choosing that Sunday to be lazy.
  Some tea, coffee, walking shoes, a movie, a book, a craft/project, music, left overs, $5 to $20, a camera, a notebook and pencil, a bike, a guitar, or bubble bath. The things you can use for a lazy Sunday are limitless. 

What You Can Do: 

  Take a walk to the park and ride a fish, play on the swing sets or sand box, climb a tree, fold paper air planes and send them across the park (write a note for someone on the wings of the plane and leave it for someone to find... OK... I'm not advocating littering, but I would totally be down with finding a paper airplane and having a note like "Hey I Love You" or " Have a Great Day" written on the wings. Instead you could just go post sticky notes on random bulletin boards or gas pumps that say stuff like "Sup, Yo" or "Love Exists".) 

  Go to a book store and buy yourself a new book, magazine, journal, or book mark. Or buy a gift for a friend. Go window shopping. Take a walk around your neighborhood but go a different way than you usually go. (This may sound like no big thing but changing scenery even just a little can be good for the brain.) Re-learn some songs on the guitar or piano or learn a new song. 

  Get all dolled-up or dappered-up and take your self out for coffee and a cookie, or to a fancy restaurant. This you could even do with a friend (I know this is a How To Do Alone Lazy Sunday... but it's a Lazy Sunday... so, you can cheat a little. And, since we're cheating a little, take said friend to the park and make funny faces and laugh at... whatever). Take yourself to a new bench in the park and write, draw, figure formulas, or just sit and look. 

  Find a cozy place in you home and start a book you've been wanting to read for a while, finish a book you've not had the time to finish, drink tea and listen to quiet music while burning candles and reminiscing through old year books/photo albums/ grade school journals. Wear your PJs all day and blast your favorite music and screech around the house, make up new dance moves, jump on your bed, sing loudly. Make breakfast for yourself and have it in bed and save the cleaning of the dishes until after you eat (if you can help it... if you're not too OCD...). Be crafty, make a card for someone, make a diorama of Spain, dress up, dress down, be un crafty, or re-organize your movies/cds Z-A just for giggles. 

 Take cat naps in between all these things. Lounge around. Move slow. 

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  1. Hi there, I'm one of those people who gets really antsy about Monday morning from about Sunday noon, and I like to plan all my Sundays ahead so that I don't miss a minute, and I'd just like to say that this is brilliant :D