Friday, November 11, 2011


It's been nearly an eternity since I felt okay
Forgotten in the name of my own protection
"You can't break what's not there" I used to say
And the feeling worsened like an infection

It's cold being lonely and it's lonely being cold
To sit in the lofty towers of apparent apathy
But nature abhors a vacuum, so I've been told
But somehow I thought the exception was me

In the emptiness of emotion that I had created
The all consuming dark of the surrounding void
Consumed all that was left of the heart ablated
But darkness doesn't stop when you're destroyed

It spread around me, burying me alive
Pressed underneath the power of my own choice
I lay suffocating, praying for help to arrive
The layers above me muffling my voice

And now I lay entombed under my morass
A testament so that all may look and see
Preserved inside the clear lifeless glass
The inner mummy that I have come to be

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