Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uncovering Home

Having lived in a small town all of my life I often look forward to trips to bigger cities where I can walk out the door and let the environment take over. There are moments when it feels like Christmas morning. Except instead of excitement over presents, there's a sigh of relief where you savor the rare beast of culture.

However– culture exists even in small towns. Sure it's all too easy to complain that there's nothing to do. In a place where the most fun a teenager can have on any given night is tailgating in the Wal-Mart parking  lot, Dollar Night at the bowling alley, or trying not to get your feet stuck to the floor at the only movie theater in town you kind of have to make your own fun. Life in a small town is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

So this past Sunday, my friend Val and I went adventuring through downtown to take pictures. We acted like tourists, or five year olds, and invaded the streets! In three hours we managed to find painted fire hydrants, a vacant theatre and ballroom, a two story antique shop set up like a museum, and quite a few other odd and quirky things.

Here! Have some photographic proof! (You didn't think I'd leave you hanging, now did you?)

This was our favorite room. 
We decided we would eventually live here. :)

These were all taken at the antique shop which once was a pharmacy.

The local theatre, as viewed from the catwalk. 
(Courtesy of Val, who was much more courageous than I was!)

And the ballroom on the upper level of the same building as the theatre. 
The building was originally a tobacco warehouse! 

See? Painted fire hydrants! :)

What have you uncovered about your town lately? 

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