Thursday, September 15, 2011

TiLT: Things i Love Thursday!

Gonna have to make this one short & sweet, folks! Here's a round up of things that have made me happy this week.

Lucy's Love List

 Clara's story: I'm going to be sad when this current arc ends! I do love me some Francois! He's precious! You know...for a guy that works with dead things. 
 The fact that tomorrow is Friday has been my beam of light at the end of the tunnel this week. 
 Dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. OH MY GOD, WHY HAVEN'T I TRIED THIS STUFF BEFORE? I HAVE NOT BEEN LIVING PROPERLY! *ahem* It's very good stuff.
 Baking. One thing you need to understand about my family is that we are hardcore baking people. Well, some of us. A few, (like my dad!), love to be the taste testers. Especially when they aren't supposed to be. ;) Tonight I helped mom make some of her famous fudge for a fundraiser. Believe me, you do not know happiness until you've tried some of Mumma Wiggins' fudge. You. Do. Not. Knooooow!
 "Writing Down the Bones" is one of those books that you finally get around to reading and wonder why you waited so long. I'm only half way through, and I am loving all of the advice. Most of it is common sense, but it's a good reminder. 
 Cooler weather! I am not a fan of Summer. My blood is too thick for this climate. The forecast for this weekend has me giggling like a maniac. (Highs in the upper 60's! YES!) 
 Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Ok, these things are a real treat. I can't have the ""real"" ones from Starbucks, but I have to say that the local coffee shop that recently opened might have them licked. (The nearest Starbucks is a 45 minute drive away. Yes, I live in a small town. No, I don't know how I've managed to survive this long. Without coffee and chocolate I would surely die.)
 Louis CK. Crude, Inappropriate, and a Ginger. All these things wrapped up in a comedian would be offensive to most people. Trust me when I say he is the best cure for Lunchtime Slumps. Just look up some of his clips on You Tube and you'll see what I mean. (Just, er, don't have the kiddos around when you do. Or easily offended weirdos.) 
 Sabrina Ward Harrison announced on Facebook that her new book is done! And should be available in the Spring. Sabrina, for those of you who don't know me well enough, is my all time biggest hero and ultimate girl crush. I want to lick the pages of her previous books, and that's not a compliment I go dishing out to just anybody. I AM BLOODY EXCITED ABOUT IT, OKAY?! If you love me, you will buy me multiple copies when it comes out. As I am pretty sure I will devour them page by succulent page. Yes. 

Aighty, it's YOUR turn! Leave you Love List in a comment below & have a happy weekend! 


  1. i did not know sabrina ward harrison has a new book coming out.. thank you thank you thank you for telling me! holy, mother of bambi! yes yes and more yes!

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Spring 2012!! SQUEEE! :D