Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changing of the seasons

Again in the vein of making magic, the seasons are about to change.  The Northern hemisphere will be moving farther away from the sun now and we are hurtling into fall.  The ancient Celtics called this Alban Elved or Mabon, the time to being harvest before the harsh cold winter set in.  On this day the Earth remains tilted at 23.5 degrees but night and day are of equal length still.  Kind of an interesting combination of balance and imbalance.  Also, the seeds we have sown in the Spring have come to fruition.  What have you sown and what has come to bear fruit in your life?  And what does the magic of fall mean to you?

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  1. oh goodness. fall means to me a sort of getting ready for winter/big exams/snuggling up with hot chocolate/tea and it means picking out books and knitting projects to keep myself busy for the winter :) i'm getting ready for all of these things. also fall, even though things are dying/hibernating, brings out an aliveness that only cooling weather and the smell of leaf burning can bring out