Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Week in Photos and A Quote

Hello Spatulans. I hope your weekend so far has been a nice reprieve from the past week. This week’s pictures are of a concert by the Missoula, MT metal band Lbs., some apple blossoms in a glass jar, a new batch of bottle cap magnets, and my first packet of Impossible film for the Polaroid.

The quote this week is something I wrote during a weekly writers group. The group is given a list of prompts that include the senses, a month, a season, and an object. We then spend 20 minutes writing as much as we can or want about any of the prompts that inspire us. We can use one or all of the prompts from the list. This is what I wrote.

“Moonshine in the family graveyard is different than anywhere else. Here, it zigzags through the live oak leaves and lands like an ocean breeze on the gravel paths and the ashes of great uncle Drake. Other places I’ve seen the moonshine screech down like a spot light – ice cube cold. But here, in the lilac whispers of family, moon glow rocks us to sleep.”

Here is the list of prompts that was given if you would like to try the writing exercise yourself.
♥ Color: Puce
♥ Shape: spiky ball
♥ Sound: screech
♥ Fragrance: lilac
♥ Movement: zigzag
♥ Touch: ashes
♥ Taste: mouthwash
♥ Air: ocean breeze
♥ Fire: moonshine
♥ Water: ice cubes
♥ Earth: gravel
♥ Season: before the heat
♥ Month: of elk rut
♥ Object: A slightly used handkerchief – white with lavender polka-dots

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  1. Oo, these prompts are tasty!

    I loved the description of the moonshine and the graveyard. Very spooky, but familiar as well. :)