Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rita's: Part Eleven

Wow, is it Tuesday already?

Well, folks, it looks like Mickey may have a plan, but he's not letting me in on the secret. And as soon as I know, you'll know.

Part Eleven: Don't Trust the Horse

There was a stunned silence as what had actually happened began to sink in. Lulu had a vise grip on Ianto’s arm, but he didn’t seem to notice. He stood transfixed, staring at the prone figure of the crime world’s most feared assassin.

The shock quickly wore off, however, and panic set it.

“Sweet fancy Moses, what was she doing here?” Lulu managed to squeak in a barely audible tone. She began to hop and down nervously. “Honey, I don’t know what you did to rile Rudy up so much, but this goes way beyond the shoes.”

Mickey, who never so much a said a cross word to a woman, was torn between an overwhelming guilt for what he had done and a profound sense of annoyance.

“I’ve never even heard of Rudy before tonight.” Mickey whispered in a flat voice. “I was just out for a drink with the girl I was going to marry. Next thing I know there are people fighting all around me and you two are trying to steal my shoes. I have no idea what’s going on.” Mickey had loosened his tie and pulled it from around his neck.

With a delicacy that one wouldn’t expect from hands so large, Mickey tied the woman’s hands in a tight and intricate knot. “Who is she any way?” he asked as an after thought.

“That is Mimi van Heest,” Ianto broke his paralyzed silence with a slightly hysterical chuckle, “and she is Rudy’s hidden weapon. A hitman, the best there is. And you knocked her out. Oh boy this is going to get very bad very soon.”

Mickey cautiously lifted the ornate blade from Mimi’s side and studied it. The silver blade was luminous, even in the dim moonlight. Mickey wondered if it was so polished from pride of ownership or from constant use, or both.

Mimi began to stir, causing both Ianto and Lulu to scream like children. Mickey took several quick steps backwards, just in case she had any more weapons concealed in her elegant fur coat. If she was as good as Ianto implied, then Mickey didn’t want to take any chances, even if her hands were tied.

“What are we going to do?” Lulu whimpered. “I’m too beautiful to die.”

Mickey stood with the blade in his hand. There has to be something I can do, he thought. I may not be as ruthless as this Rudy guy, but I bet I’m smarter.

The clock tower in the city center struck and the chime wafted down the river, hanging in the mists along the docks. Mickey lifted his eyes and smiled. “Is there a place we can hide until morning?”

Ianto looked puzzled and was about to speak, but Lulu spoke first. “My Aunt Izzy can hide us. She’d do anything for me.”

“I think I may have a way out of this.” Mickey sighed. “And if this works, then everyone should come out o.k.”


  1. Aunty Izzy to the rescue! OH BOY! :D

  2. I love it when a plan comes together!
    Moskeeto Jack

  3. HA! A-Team reference ftw!

    Although I have a feeling that Mickey's plan won't quite stack up to one of Hannibal Smith's plans. But I'll try.

  4. Don't sell yourself short, Little Doosy!