Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Back

I must thank Miss Lucy for giving me the idea for this. I had so been wanting to brings these guys back, but wasn't quite sure where to begin. But, thanks to an innocent little email conversation, I had the starting point. Isn't it funny, the things that can inspire us. Domo, Miss Lucy!

An Expected Trip

“So, whose body are you trying to move?”

It was a question that Amanda had never imagined she would be asking. Yet, here she was watching François tug hopelessly at an old shower curtain which, presumably, contained the body.

Sometimes Amanda found it hard to believe all the things that she now accepted as normal. Two years ago she would have laughed if someone had asked her to help them hunt down a werewolf, but that is exactly what she was doing last week. More remarkably, perhaps, was that she and the people she now called her friends were successful.

“Ah,” François grunted as he gave the curtain one last and mighty pull, “well, ma chère, the less you know about this, the better off you’ll be.” He gave her the sly smile he reserved for when he was doing something that he wasn’t supposed to. Oddly enough, though, it wasn’t that fact that he had a dead body that would cause him trouble.

“Didn’t Charlotte tell you not to drag the bodies through the building?” Amanda already knew the answer, but she did so enjoy teasing François.

“Oui, which is why I need to you ‘elp me move it before Charlotte comes back.”

Amanda had figured out quite early that it was impossible to argue with the crazy Frenchman, so she sighed and grabbed one side of the curtain while François took the other and together they pulled the dead body through the compound.

It wasn’t until much later, as the sun was creeping down towards the horizon, that Charlotte returned. Amanda and François were sitting on the veranda watching Marguerite enjoy her meal.

“If she’s dead, how can she eat?” Amanda asked plainly, as if it were a perfectly normal question.

“It’s very complicated.” François gestured grandly. “It ‘as to do with the… spirits and the magic…”

“You don’t know, do you?”


They were laughing like children when Charlotte appeared from the shadows of the compound. She regarded them for a moment, and then cast her eyes down towards Marguerite’s enclosure. Amanda and François tried to hide their guilty smiles, but nothing escaped Charlotte’s keen sight.

“Did you at least clean up after yourself this time, François?” Charlotte still shuddered at the thought of the last time he dragged a dead person through the home they all shared. “I mean, you do realize how hard it is to find a cleaning staff that isn’t repulsed by zombie pets and human blood, don’t you?”

It wasn’t often that Charlotte made jokes, so Amanda was slightly disconcerted.

“You seem… chipper.”

“I am. We’ve got an assignment.” Charlotte handed them the official file bearing the seal of their employer. “We’re going to Atlantis.”

There was something in the scarcely controlled lust for hunting in Charlotte’s voice that told Amanda that it wasn’t the Caribbean resort they would be traveling to.


  1. I'm glad to see the old gang back together. So whose body is it? How often does Francois do this and how do you get that little doohickey under the c in his name?

  2. Let's see; it's nobody important, too often for comfort,and hold down alt+0231.

    I missed François, I'm glad he's back.

  3. Yay! So glad I could provide a little inspiration! Don't forget about the Colgate. Does wonders for blood stains! XD

  4. AHHHHH glad to see the group is back. Sounds better than sipping sweet tea on the porch watching the grass grow, and the cats licking their ------, well you get the idea.
    Moskeeto Jack