Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Adventures

Gas prices are fluctuating faster than a swooning woman's heartbeat at a Tom Jones concert. The weather is chancy- either sunny or tornadoes. Morale seems to be at an all time low because of the economy. What's a small town girl to do? Go adventuring, of course!

Since the temperature started picking up a few months back I've been thinking about all the things that I could do that are:
a.) Local. So I won't spend too much in gas and my car won't blow up.
b.) Free or inexpensive. Because I'm still working for approx. $4/hr. and...
c.) New. There are a lot of things we have on our bucket lists that can be easily scratched off, and it'd be a shame to not!

Here's the short list of adventures I intend to have this Summer:

1. Go see a movie at a Drive-In Theatre. 

Luckily for me there is such a drive-in theatre within driving distance! I've heard mixed reviews of the theatre itself, but I'm not above seeing for myself. How cool would it be to see Thor on the big screen? God of Thunder indeed. ;)

2. Learn to ride a bike.

It shames me to admit this, but I have not been on a bike in ages. I learned to ride one with training wheels, but as soon as my big brother got his trainers taken off I insisted mine had to go as well. (Not to be outdone by my big bro!)

I've conducted a little research and have found the bike of my dreams! It figures that the bike of my dreams would run me about $500USD. Hmm. I have found a cheaper bike- so we'll see how it goes. :)  Doubtless I will be as cute on a bike as Ellen Page!

3. Have my palm read.

I've wanted to do this for ages- and as luck would have it there are two palmists in the area. Being in a small town I haven't been able to read reviews on either of them, and only one of the two was listed in the phone book. ("Dial your Friendly Psychic Today!") I'm well aware that they might be charlatans and put a gypsy curse on me, but we'll keep our fingers crossed that they aren't. ;)

Well that's the start of my list! How about you guys? Anything you are looking forward to accomplishing this summer?


  1. Me! Short road trips,maybe a long one. Home made ice cream. A few good books,& movies.
    Moskeeto Jack.

  2. I plan to read the lord of the rings trilogy and to make three dresses. I'd also like to go across Montana and tubbing down the river through my town when it gets warmer. Yay, summer!

  3. I also would like to find the perfect pair of sunglasses and an umbrella.

  4. I like all these Adventures. They all sound... adventurous! :D