Friday, November 5, 2010

Ponds, Parties & Pictures

My apologies for the late posting. Guess who fell asleep before 10 last night, with her contacts in and makeup on? *raises hand shyly*

Last weekend I had a return to proper picture taking with my new Nikon. Clara and her family were kind enough to invite me up for Halloween festivities. Here are a few of the pictures I thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy!
Nothing says "Halloween" like deer skulls and lanterns! How perfect is this?

Can you see the old lady in the tree?

Kind of spooky at night. Cue the scary ghost stories!

Hope you enjoyed these! What did you enjoy most about your Halloween?


  1. Great photos, especially the light and shadow. I look forward to seeing more. Glad you got the camera and computer to play nice.

    And Clara, I can see your family's creativity and appreciation for natural beauty here.

  2. My favorite part was that noone fell in. Thanks for coming Miss Lucy-glad you were warned beforehand.