Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey there Spatulans! So, I'm embarrassed. Time and I got into this really great conversation last week after the Fantastic Spatula hiatus and we got so carried away that I completely missed my Sunday and Wednesday post last week. So, I'm starting fresh this week with a Sundae Sunday post. Sundae Sunday is basically a list of things that have made me smile during the week, stories I found interesting, and tender vittles that others shared with me that I want to share with you. Here we go...

Mittens with fingers! and in bright red, green, yellow and blue stripes! A fur monkey, ball-of-teeth-and-happy kitten named Scully (yes, from the X-files... yes, it's a he... yes, I got him more than a week ago... but he made me happy this week, which counts... so there), SNOW! Lots of SNOW! hot chocolate with almond flavor, butternut squash soup recipe from mamma, a "happy Thanksgiving, we miss you" card in the mail from mamma and daddy, Chonto, Dressing up as Tank Girl and the March Hare for Halloween (OK... that wasn't last week, was it...), The Magnificent Seven soundtrack, Donald Barthelme's The Balloon and The School, Ambrose Bierce's An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, telephone conversations that last all night sigh sigh, the stoic squirrel goes to New York City (man, I want to do a video like this with my baby unicorn!), a warm hat that has fur in the ear parts, writing a story about Whompus Bats (maybe I'll post this here when I finish the editing process), a magical sweater with bears, local band called the Skurfs that plays surf/ski music, getting picture text messages from mamma at midnight of her and out her neighbor dressed up like harry potter characters for the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie (Oh, yeah. My mom dressed up for the movie!), sending a small box of happy to my happy (sigh sigh sigh), finding photos of Felix my mannequin, getting lotion that smells like honey for my poor cracked and chapped finger knuckles, the first lesson of tai chi chuan Saturday morning with Erin, finding an old Royal typewritter and making necklaces out of the keys (they are for sale for $10 if you want one...*shameless promotion of a starving artist*), making more bottle cap necklaces, writing! writing! writing!, reading! reading! reading!, The Journal of Jules Renard, C.S. Lewis's science fiction trilogy that starts with Out of The Silent Planet. DINO BITE!

So, lovelies, I hope this week starts well for you all. What made you happy last week? Any plans for happy this coming week?


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