Tuesday, November 16, 2010

May I Offer You a Distraction?

My deepest apologies but I don't have the second part to last weeks post. Working on this part has been like wrestling with a bear in a comical hat; fun at times but mostly a bad experience.

Hopefully I will have it for you on Friday, but in the meantime let me show you a video that has brought a little bit of sunshine into an other wise dreary week.

That is to say... Elvis! *points then runs away*

(Haha, Miss Lucy!)


  1. One question: Are you in the hat or the bear? I will forgive you for making me wait, if I get an answer.

  2. lol! I meant the bear, but why don't I go ahead and say we're both in a funny hat.

  3. Ah. Now the visual is complete, and it is a rather humorous picture. Thank you.

    Now, stop humoring me and my inane questions and go write that fight scene we're all waiting to read.

  4. Actually, wrestling a bear in a comical hat is such an apt description for the writing process, I might have to add it to my office wall. Thank you.

  5. Hey, what is this? I want action!