Monday, August 16, 2010

Shameless Promotion of Dreams: River City Fiction

River City Fiction

Since March I've put together a blog about the fiction reading, writing, and selling community in my city.  I'm still geeking out about the people I've met, the books I've read, and the events I've attended. River City Fiction launched today, and it's taught me two things.

  1. Pour yourself into what you love and ignore the little voice that heckles you with past failures.  You would not believe how many times I almost quit because of fear I'd make a fool of myself or annoy someone.  In public I keep my head low and my voice quiet, but now I have to reach out to authors, booksellers, librarians, and readers in my community.  That is scary business.  The more I thought about all that could go wrong, the more the project lagged, but when I accepted I'd make mistakes, it galloped away.  I'm doing this because of a passion for good books and a reading community.  Focusing on others and their accomplishments and dreams allows me to ignore the self-absorbed voice telling me to stop. 
  2. People are inherently generous.  I can hear the anthropologists and psychologists agonizing over this statement, but I don't care because it is true.  My husband has given hours to photographing and proofing. Friends have listened and offered suggestions.  Strangers have tweeted and re-tweeted the contents.  They've visited the site and sent messages of encouragement.  And, of course, I have to mention the lovely authors -- Michele Young-Stone and Diann Ducharme -- and booksellers.  Without them, the site would not exist.  I was unsure of the site and now people are  taking it upon themselves to visit and promote.  
I dreamed big.  I put myself out there in a way I've never done before.  I'll be embarrassed by mistakes but I'll keep moving.  I discovered the magic of taking risks and growing into my own.  

Please take a look and let me know what you think.  


  1. Congrats on getting this going, but I still want to know when you're going to post some of your own fiction?
    I'd love to read it!

  2. Thanks! It was a bear to get going, but it was worth it. The authors are awesome and so generous.

    As for my'll be here soon. Thanks for wanting to read.