Thursday, August 19, 2010

Montana (Sans Hannah) Part II

A continuation of photos from the Epic Road Trip to Montana with the wonderful and lustrous S. Kemp!

I made these! Ok, not really. Well...sort of. I helped. (Mad props to Annin & Co.)

Glacier National Park- I could have stayed there all week had the threat of murderers and grizzlies not been so high.

You can never have too many pictures of pretty rocks.

...Like I said.

On the drive back from the park we stopped and bought 10 pds. of cherries. 

I can hear that "Double Rainbow" guy now...

The M&M Cafe, the great haunt of Jack Kerouac himself. 
Sadly, the cafe was closed until further notice. 
There was, however, an amazing pizza joint just down the street.

Sights like these made me wish I was moving out to Montana myself.

These little guys were our travel buddies. Ain't they cute?

You can barely see it, but there's a hint of the rainbow from the earlier photo in the lower right.
I'm hearing Judy Garland all of a sudden... 

This really was the trip of a lifetime I felt. I'm so glad Shannon asked me along! My fedora goes off to her for ability to be brave on the rocks!


  1. I love it that we saw very similar things. Thank you for going with me :)

  2. Those are AMAZING photos. Thank you for sharing. I can see a road trips exhibit at the Halifax museum....

  3. What GORGEOUS pics! Did you take those? Will you come with us on our next road trip?

  4. Thanks guys!

    Yes, Lena I took these! And I would love to go with you on a road trip! Just say the word. :)