Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Magic

Adam and I spent Saturday at the Virginia Festival of the Book. Every year hundreds of people meet because they love books. There are readers and authors and thousands of great titles. There are readings and panels and signings and book fairs and kids' parades. I geek out just thinking about it.

And there are great people. I reconnected with Sarah, Michelle, and Alison of Slushbusters, a Charlottesville critique group I met at the James River Writers conference. I follow their blog, but I haven't seen them since October. They are creative, funny people who are just as warm in person as they are on their blog, and I loved talking with them.

On Saturday I couldn't stop saying awesome, amazing, fantastic, exciting. The festival was that good.

How was your weekend?

Me, Sarah, and Michelle

Impediments post coming tonight....


  1. Kristi, we had so much fun hanging out with you guys too! Every time I go to VA Book, I leave feeling like I've been with "my people," the readers and writers of the world.

  2. Michelle, I know exactly what you mean about "my people." Thanks again. I look forward to reading Slushbusters and learning the exciting happenings in your writing life.