Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Time Has Come

At last! Winter has been dragged off stage by a comedy shepherd’s crook and Spring has lithely taken its place. Trees are blooming, birds are singing (loudly), and every yard is full of the happy yellow blooms of jonquils.

This year the advent of Spring has special significance, as it was also the day that the sun entered the sign of Aries, my sign. And presto, viola! I am in my element! The zodiac entering Aries is, to use a silly analogy, my yellow sun. It is my Power of Grayskull, my Moon Prism Power.

Now wait a minute. I know what you are thinking. “Does she really go in for all that astrology mumbo-jumbo?” The answer is yes, to some degree. I’ve seen way too many people, myself included, who exemplify their sign to not believe in it.

Don’t worry though; I’m far from pulling out a mystic amulet and shouting some inane catch phrase to turn into a ram-horned super hero. (Although, really, how cool would that be?!) No, I’m only saying that there is a special kind of magic in feeling that the Universe has afforded you the mystic power of the cosmos, even if it is only for a month.

For that span of time, I feel that I can do anything; I can become my alter ego and I can take on the entire world.

And now I am curious. How many of you embrace your inner zodiac warrior to fight the good fight against what holds your magic back? And does anyone else suddenly want to form a band of super heroes?

Aries Cosmos Power, baby.


  1. Hooray for taking over the world! Starting with Cleveland,...Naturally. ;)

    My poor Scorpion-Self has been severely lacking in the uhm...well the uhh, ehrm...Department that Scorpios do best in! Yes, that!

    Will now be auditioning for roles in my Male Harem. *taps fingers together evilly*

  2. FUN! I'll join a super hero club if i can wear a cape... and tall boots. (also, was "pulling out a mystic amulet and shouting some inane catch phrase" a sailor moon reference? not judging... I promise)

    i'm an aries/pieces. and act like it. (but only if you want to get real nerdy with me will i explain why the pieces comes into play...)

    lucy... can I audition?

  3. It was totally a Sailor Moon reference and I am unashamed!