Thursday, March 4, 2010

Permission to Boogie.

My Dear Friends-

Today I give you permission.
Permission to mess up,
to let loose, to let go,
& just let it be.

You have permission,
to be old when you are young.
And young when you are old.

You have permission,
to do whatever makes you happy.
As long as it does not impede
someone elses happiness.

You have permission,
to be happy- to be free
to make magic - and make change
to be still,
...or to boogie. 



  1. Thank you for making me smile after a rather crappy morning! I'll let the rest of my day just be :)


  2. R.: Oh, crumpet! Hope the rest of your day goes well! You will be fine! Sending some good vibes your way... :D

  3. i like to boogie :) i think you're sprouting great gobs of goodness from your pores. thanks for this :)