Sunday, January 24, 2010

You Are Lovely

The post for today is short and sweet. First, I want you to remember you are lovely.

Second, I want to remind you (and "me") to always trust your heart. Never compromise who you are, or your own happiness, for anyone including yourself... because, let's face it, we can undermine ourselves sometimes.

Third, don't forget to go out and make magic this week. Go to a used book store, take a walk through your neighborhood or park, have a bon-fire, set off fire crackers, make yourself laugh by googling jokes, take pictures of all your favorite places, make cup cakes and eat them at your office desk very noisily and messily, light candles that smell nice and clean up a room and make it your own space, sit and people watch, drive to another town and visit a restaurant or coffee shop to which you have never been.

This week, be yourself without explanation. If you're the "weird" kid that collects dead bugs and makes necklaces out of them - proudly wear that necklace. If you're the quiet one, the noisy one, the pretty one in pink tulle, the grunge one in flannel... be all of you - every last sparkly, combat boot wearing, dragon loving, loud laughing, book reading, hot chocolate making, drop of you.

Yep, that's it.


  1. Oh, Sha! You are so good to the last drop! How I love all of your wonderful ways!:D