Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 Minute Magic


I don't know about you guys- but I have not had the best of days today. The January blaghs have rendered me into being a mindless zombie that craves carbs and communicates in grunts and shuffles. I have all too recently learned that this is, unfortunately, pretty normal. Both Sarah Von and Gala Darling have helped save countless lives (a slight exaggeration?), with their wonderful words of wisdom.
As it so happens, it is also Thursday- and what I have tried to make a habit of doing is to make a list every Thursday of the things that have made me happy in the past week. All the little bits and pebbles of gratitude in one place! Somehow, it just helps to put me in a much better mood mentally, that the I actually forget why I was ever mopey in the first place! (Well, at least temporarily!)

I've taken to calling these lists Sure Happy It's Thursday Lists. Or, S.H.I.T lists for short. (And also to satisfy my inner snark!)

What I recommend this week is taking five minutes to sit down and compile a list of your own. It doesn't matter how silly or trite something is, so long as it makes you happy just to think about it! It's hard to get started, I'll admit. But once you do, I promise it'll be hard to stop! At the very minimum, try coming up with at least ten things that get you going.

Here's my list for starters!

<3 Good friends & Family.
<3 I job that I actually enjoy!
<3 And having people that I actually enjoy working with! (Drama Llamas not included!)
<3 My really swanky apartment
<3 Learning to cook more healthy things
<3 Belly dancing every Thursday night! (Hip shimmies just thinking about it!)
<3 Shag dancing on Tuesday. (Went for the first time by myself and had a blast!)
<3 Geeks that make life worth living- you know who you are!
<3 The promise of impending apocolyptic snowstorms! (A predicted 19in snowfall by Saturday! *bounces*)
<3 Random happy dances around the apartment!
<3 Grocery shopping with Mah Mama!
<3 Geeking out with my Pops

See? Not a bad way to end the week! So, what are you grateful for me lovelies? ;)

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