Thursday, January 14, 2010

5 Minute Magic

(Note*: Part two of a series, the first part may be found here.)

Let's face it, there's nothing that says fun magical happiness like jumping on the bed. We've all known a toddler or two that has mastered the art of bed-hopping.

These days, we seem to be more concerned, and even consumed, by thoughts of progress that doing anything else seems childish and immature that we wouldn't be caught dead being foot loose and fancy free on our freshly made mattresses.

Well enough of that!

This week's 5-Minute Magic is all about reconnecting with your inner child, (wouldn't our therapists be proud?). For at least five minutes, feel free- you have my expressed permission- to let inhibitions take a hike. To forget about being progressive and productive. To be unafraid to look silly in front of the mirror, (or your lover-the more the merrier!), and jump to your heart's content! Bonus points will be awarded for the use of props such as pillows and for blaring 80's dance music.

So what'dya waiting for? Hop to it! ;)

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