Thursday, January 21, 2010

5 Minute Magic

Hello friends & Fiends! Welcome to the 3rd installation of "5 Minute Magic"!
(The first two may be found here & here!)

This week is all about getting your laugh on.

We've all heard how "laughter is the best medicine", and have felt the effects of a good chuckle hopefully more than once in our lives. Multiple studies have shown the positive effects that laughing has on our body. Affecting our hearts, blood flow, cortisol and endorphin levels, immune systems, and blood sugar! Proof? Try looking here, here, here, & here!

Now while I would recommend spending more than five minutes with a friend or three, cracking jokes and weaving tales, sometimes all we have time for is a quick pick-me-up to get us to the end of the workday.  Often while on my lunch break, I'll plunk myself down in front of my computer and pull up a never-fails comedic clip on ye olde youtube. My personal faves are: Robin Williams, Top Gear, Tim Minchin, anything from Monty Python, and Louis C.K. (for the more raunchy comedic moments!).

Here are some of my favorites!:

Because the Boys from Top Gear are nothing short of awesomesauce.

Christopher Walken meets Pokerface? I dare you to try to keep a straight face!

And of course... how can one go wrong with "Who's Line is it Anyway?" :)

So me Dears, what makes you giggle with sheer delight? :D

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