Thursday, December 17, 2009

Forests & Dreamscapes

There is no set path for me to follow. The rolling hills are blanketed with golden leaves. Though the ground is covered, the trees above and around still maintain their full branches. The dark trunks of the trees stand in sharp contrast to the gold chaos that surrounds them.

Often times, I am alone. Sliding, climbing, hiking, dancing thru the forest. Other times I am in the company of women whom I have never met. Our laughter is loud and raucus, and echoes thru the canopy. Stomping gayly, we make our way to an unknown destination. Together. A tribe.

When I am alone, I do not feel afraid. I am exhilerated by my surroundings. I do all that I am capable of to remember my time in the woods. My daily routine consists of chaos and disorder and man made madness. But here, still, quiet- there is nothing but nature. The only sound is the wind, making chimes out of the leaved branches. When I am here, I feel most alive.

Try as I might, I cannot recall the first time I came to visit these golden woods. This forest has been a place of refuge, but I cannot call upon it. The forest has to visit me. Whenever there is a shift, a time in my life when something needs to change, the forest itself will come to me in my dreams.

Dream decipherers say that to dream of being in the woods symbolizes a search for something more simple. A journey for what is real, and genuine, and natural. Gold, in dreams, indicates richness and splendor and of good forutne forthcoming.

Even without these assigned meanings, I know that my time in the woods is meant for reflection and soul work. I know that when it is time for me to emerge from my shaded oasis, I will be stronger-wiser- more gathered in myself. That is why I love to dream this dream. This recurring vision of something more, and something less. Such a small dream, that leaves me happier upon waking. Alone, or traveling with my faceless companions, there is also something to learn from the trees.

Where do your dreams take you? To the wild? To a home? To a time long forgotten, or a time left alone. To a memory you wish you could forget? To a loved one, you left and regret? Do they take you somewhere dark, or take you to the light? Do they give wings? Or roots? Do they take you into the woods? My hope for you, right now, is that one day- they will. And if, or when, they do- I hope to see you there.

Welcome, the woods are calling.

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