Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Brief Introduction to Making Magic

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting! If you have found your way here to us by fortune, fate, or referral- we are grateful.

Here, a starting band of four authors and artists who came together out of necessity. Whether it was to spill open, let loose, let go, imagine, risk, create, or just to escape-this was just the place for it. So here we are.

What you will find here is a concoction, a brewing, a laying down of the tangles, messes, and worries in order to manifest fulfillment of a higher sort. There will be articles, stories, musings, videos, photos, brush strokes and quarter notes- all for your enjoyment and perusal. Please feel free to lay back, enjoy, soak it in, and..dare I say it?: Contribute. From now on, you're in this story too.

The simple truth to this is thus: we are here for one purpose. What is the meaning of all of this? Why do we exist? What is our soul purpose?

Answer? Simple: To make magic.

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