Thursday, March 14, 2013

TiLT: Pi Day

So... if you read this post Thursday (the day it was supposed to be posted...) it looked half-finnished and there wasn't really much to it. Sorry. I got distracted. I get distracted a lot. I'm working on being focused... that and I'm working on my procrastination "problem". But, hey. Here's what it was supposed to look like... Things I Love Thursday: Pi Day.

pie  coconut oatmeal pie  pumpkin pecan pie  cheese and salmon pie  maple, walnut, pecan, chocolate chip pie (three pies in one? sugar coma? overkill much? yes. yes. yes.)  pumpkin butter on biscuits  coffee with cream and honey  coffee with cream and honey in a Montana cup  being notified that my reserved library books are available for pick up  pi day  making pie day buttons (pins? po-TAY-toe, po-TAH-toe?) wearing almost all my bracelets at once ♥ Learn about pi Holy pi, dominoesPi, a hula hoop, and  a Rubix's cubeMore Pi! SO this is what pi sounds like... I thought it sounded like "mmmmmm"... smelling like spring feeling like spring emailing pretty regularly with Lucy hearing that writer friends are sending out their stories! go Gin! also the argument for tau... which would be June 28 and would be an excuse to make two pi... (any excuse for pie, right? right.) 

Pi Pie

Pumpkin Butter and coffee in a Montana cup

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