Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things i Love Thursday

Days off | Playing fetch with Mowgli the Needy Cat | Making Magic kits to send out | Getting back into the writing mode | Mama's coffee in blue cups | Waking up late | Drive-thru breakfasts (terrible, tasty habit) | Crossing things off my to-do lists | The freeing feeling of letting go of guilt | Dawn French | Seeing a painting come to life | Richard Armitage, because, like, duh | Fancasting for the movie adaptation of "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" with my sister-in-law | Longer days! | Vitamin D, makes  a difference! | Feisty Grandmothers | Perfect Hair Days | Going on long drives for no reason | Staying up late reading | Rediscovering things I used to like | Cello music

Your turn!
What's making your bones hum with life this week?

1 comment:

  1. A movie adaptation of daughter of smoke and bone? Oh, do share with me :) oh man...

    I love feisty grand mothers. they are just the best. Also... what's this about Magic Kits? I'm making one too! AH! YES! MAGIC KITS!

    oh man letting go of guilt. that's a good one. I've been doing some imagery work and letting things go in balloons. you should try it. yeah good stuff.

    My tilt: Writing things... Walks in the morning before work... cookie monster costumes... beading competitions... Scully cat makes everything better except when i find his fur in my toothbrush (i just don't understand how that happened!)... Bela Fleck...