Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's Be Adventurers!

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Spring & Summer Are Made For Adventures! 

Here are some things that I'm going to be getting into. Most of these are simple things. But isn't that how all great expeditions start?

See a movie under the stars | Visit a local Alpaca farm (I'm particularly excited to meet Galahad!) | Road trips to see friends | Meeting up for bonfires and hooch on the beach | Taking a day off of work to go out and have a picnic | Using up rolls and rolls of 35mm film (FILM! Like the olden days!) | Having fresh, local fruit for breakfast. NOM. | Cannon balling into as many bodies of water as possible.

Your turn! What's on your Adventure List?


  1. I am so ready for picnics! I can not wait! And I want to go to the hot springs again before it gets to warm around here. And film! I too am starting to use more film! AH! the things to do! sun bathe... i am in desperate need of some vitamin D. You and a friend should road trip to see me in Montana!

    1. We can have fresh local fruit from the farmers market together!