Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday: HTDA

So, I've not done a How To Do Alone post in a long time. I thought an HTDA: Valentine's Day edition would be fun. First, I'd like to say that I feel Valentine's Day really is just another day and you can do this ooey gooey stuff on any random Thursday, and probably should because you are a total fox who needs to be celebrated every day. Second, you can totally admit the "fundamentally commercialized nature of the holiday and reject it on economic/femenist/smart human grounds" (Thank you Sarah Cadence, babe at Damn Girl Get Some). Third, of course you can totally enjoy the hearts and chocolate covered things and excessive use of pink if that's your thing.

I'm just here to make really bad "how to" blog posts, because I like to make them: they make me giggle and I like to giggle. I also like to laugh, and eat cheese fries every Thursday...

I also thought I'd try something different. Instead of writing out what to do, what you need, where to go, what I did, I decided to video everything and just make this HTDA watchable. If you like the video way better let me know. Also, let me know if you prefer the written way.

Anyway, here are two versions: a short version and a longer version. They're kind of whimsical and silly. This is why they are being posted on Whimsy Wednesday.

The Short Version

The Longer Version

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