Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time Out Tuesday: Valentine's Day (sorta?) Edition

Maybe, Valentine's Day really is just another day. Maybe, Valentine's Day is really corporation blah-blah. Maybe, Valentine's Day is pretty great because... it snot? Maybe, you need a Time Out from chocolate covered hearts, stars, horseshoes, and blue moons. I dunno. Maybe this Time Out Tuesday: Valentine's Day Edition post isn't really about Valentine's Day at all. Maybe this is just a list of things that I thought were neat.

Chocolate is best any time. Even in Time Outs.
For those of you not feeling the warm fuzzies of Valentine's Day... here is a list of the bloodiest anime series ever.

Have you ever hitchhiked? I have, but me hitchhiking wasn't nearly as cool as this guy hitchhiking.

These large format photographs of the Olympics are really beautiful.

This is a camera made of Popsicle sticks!

Neil Patrick Harris has Puppet Dreams. Here is how they made the puppet dreams.

Here are some Instagram photos of the blizzard in the Eastern US.

Here is Bill Nye the Science Guy talking about the blizzard in the Eastern US.

Less complaining. More sexy rumpus.

Cause, Shiny.

Valentine's Day card ideas for those who have to make them but don't want to.

Dead bodies are rising from their graves in Montana and I didn't even know about it until it was revealed to be a hoax.

Speaking of dead bodies, here's a Neil Gaiman story.

And now for something completely different: Who doesn't love Shakespearean insults?
Emergen-C for your ego! I kill myself.

Here is a cool inside look at the Ocracoke, NC lighthouse.

Think you have a pretty cool job? So does this zoo keeper who dresses up like a zebra.

Feeling down this Valentine's Day? Here are some emergency compliments. It's like a packet of Emergen-C for your ego! Maybe... kinda... just go with it.

This is one reason why I love Jhonen Vasquez.

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