Monday, February 25, 2013

Meter Monday: Sending Faces

Cozy faces unrelated to poem!
Good morning (or afternoon), Spatulans. It’s Monday. Huzzah. Huzzah! It’s Meter Monday. Here’s a poem to start your day… or end your day. It’s got cozy blankets and… faces? Yeah, faces.

Here’s to seeing things differently, or looking outside the box. Here’s to cozy blankets, cozy faces, Meter Mondays, pareidolia, and delightfully crappy poetry. Here, here!

Sending Faces
There are faces in my blanket. When I close one eye
           They disappear. When I close the other eye
They appear in front of me covered up to their chins in my own down comforter snuggled up close,
           Eyes wide open or half shut winking
Of cotton blended dreams of human faces.
They are distorted as in yawn or big laugh
Both which sound like feathers falling from a pillow burst.

When I close one eye they disappear
Seeing faces in clocks too.
            But I know they are still there
Snoring behind a fold. When I close the other
They are there again. When I close both
            I know they are gone.
No longer waiting to be seen. They have
Vanished like a magician’s trick:
Hands waving over a dove
The movement of my body
Sends shapes to new places.

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