Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday: Childhood Daydreams

Short-but-sweet post. Just a simple question. Did you ever have a dream of being someone (or something) imaginary, mythical, or wondrous when you were young? Do you still have whimsical daydreams like you did back then? When I was a little sprout of a girl, I wanted to be a woodland nymph, or a water nymph, or a traveling elf warrior... or somehow all of them combined in some awesome way in which I could communicate with the plants and animals in the forrest that surrounded my house. I still have daydreams, but now I'm able to indulge and dress up as an elf (or as one of my favorite characters from my favorite anime). This makes me happy and makes me laugh.

Left to Right: Haruhara Haruko, S.Kemp pretending to be Haruhara Haruko

Who do (or did) you daydream about being?

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