Thursday, June 28, 2012

TiLT: Top Five Edition

Do you remember those top five lists John Cusack’s character made in the movie High Fidelity? Top five songs about death, top five breakups, top five things you’d do if time and history and salary were no object. Well, this Thursday I’d like to make a top five list. A “Top Five Things of Almost Summer”. Almost summer, because it’s not quite summer here in Missoula. Well, it is technically summer, the weather is in the 80’s (I think it’s been in the 90’s one day so far), but I’ve not been in the water and, as a girl reared in Eastern North Carolina, being in the water is a big part of summer. I won’t be able to get in the water here (read: float in a tube down the river) until July-ish, maybe August. So, until then it’s almost summer. Here are my Top Five Things of Almost Summer. What would you pick?

Make a blazer then take a road trip! Two birds.
1. Dresses: I love being able to wear dresses and skirts. I love that I can wear them now without tights or stockings or wool underwear. I think they are pretty, bright, colorful, and fun. Also, they are easy to make. Have you ever wanted to make summer clothes? Skirts might just be one of the things that get you sewing this summer. Try looking through the patterns at Some of their skirt patterns are free, some are not. Burdastyle also ranks their patters by technical skills needed to make something from beginner to master. 

2. Lemonade: Tart, sweet, cool, and with a little bit of mint leaves muddled in the mix, there’s nothing quite like it. Except maybe a mojito. Lemonade has to be my summer drink of choice. Well, OK, it’s right up there with homemade sweet iced tea (pro tip: mix sugar or sweetener into warm tea before adding ice). Have you tried adding raspberries or strawberries to homemade lemonade? Spatulans, this drink is shiny.

3. Picnics: Grabbing a blanket, a basket of lunch or breakfast or dinner supplies, and someone you like hanging out with (including yourself), picnics are the best.  When I was a young’n my mom would make tuna salad sandwiches and sweet tea for me, my brother, and my sister. We’d eat lunch in the back yard under the live oak tree-its branches twining like tentacles over the brown Newport River. The dappled light and background music of cicadas and seagulls made for a perfect day. Picnics don’t have to be expensive and they don’t have to be fancy. Have breakfast with a friend in the nearest park. Try out a new recipe like the carrot salad over at My New Roots. What are your favorite things to take on a picnic? Where are your favorite picnic spots?

Lemonade Love by Sarah Hamm.
4. Being Warm: I love warm weather. Almost summer is not too hot during the day and cool at night and, I think I’ve mentioned this before, I’m not a fan of being cold. I’m not going so far as saying almost summer is my top favorite season but I am saying I like the weather. I love watching the summer thunderstorms and being comfortable during outdoor events. What do you like to do outside during the summer?

5. Day Trips: When was the last time you said to yourself or a friend, “Hey, let’s go here!” and get in the car and go? This is the perfect time to do that. Pick a weekend where you have no obligations, pick a destination, and go. If you like driving, pick a direction and go. Drive down the roads you pass on the way to work but have never been down. If you like seeing new places, find a museum or gallery near you, see if it costs money, and go. Be sure to pack a picnic (see #3), a friend, a camera, and some cash. If you could go anywhere for a weekend if time and history and salary were no object where would you go?

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