Monday, October 31, 2011

Progressively Scary Snippets

As things do, they don't go according to plan. So, instead of the creepy photos of my black cat, which were eaten by my unformatted camera card, and instead of a really long story about renting people in costumes to people who want people, I'm posting three little photos I've taken and three scary snippets of  the lives in which these "people" live.  Happy Halloween!

Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
"With luscious legs, and busted heads, and pretty limbs all in a row."

Sylvia never liked the pretty things like bows and peppermint sticks and lace doilies. She preferred match sticks and virgin's tears and moth wings.

There were never sounds or smells when Saul went for walks. The mask he had to wear always gave the pansies a crimson hue and made the angels in the cemetery look like they were weeping blood.


  1. Oh these are good! And creepy! ...I like! :D

  2. Very Creepy.
    Moskeeto Jack.