Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And thus, on Saturday, I watched the last episode of Series 6 of Doctor Who.  Spoilers may ensue.  So is it just me or has River Song over the course of this season gone from "badass" to "Mary Sue"?  I mean yeah she's cool, but it's like he's trying to outdo the RTD companions.  Series 5 may as well have been called "The Amy Pond Show" and nobody would have noticed.  Now it's "Time Travelling with Amy and River".  I have never seen the Companion role get soooo much attention as it has under the auspices of one Steven Moffatt.  Anyways.

After a week of nearly losing my job, my apartment, and my mind, I have now reached a place of peace.  Remember, whenever things seem dark, there is always a sensible way out.  It may require some sacrifice, usually of one's own ego, but it's there and help is always available.  I am a college graduate and I have an interview with DSHS for the food stamp program.  Was it a blow to my ego?  Sure.  But it's what I needed to do.  That's the essence of making magic.  Letting go of the familiar, taking a chance, putting heart and soul and a good helping of hope into whatever you're doing, and watching awesome things happen.  So, whatever life decides to throw at you, throw a bit of magic back at it.  If it helps to toss a handful of glitter, so be it.  Sprinkle that fairy dust.  Just remember, it's a beyach to get out of your hair and carpet.  Vacuum cleaners won't touch that crap.  Yes, I used the vacuum cleaner hose on my head.  Shut up.

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