Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Oops! I forgot it was Tuesday! I had the day off to celebrate my release from the evil clutches of the Taxman. I spent most of the day waiting for new tires, and the rest playing games. So forgive me for, yet again, not continuing the main story line of "Rita's".

I promise (no, really) that next week I will get back to poor Mickey and his reluctant side kicks.  In the mean time, have a little more of the lovely psycopath that everyone's been talking about.

Part 9.5: Villainy Two, Electric Boogaloo

The sounds of merriment filtered through the painted glass windows and flickering neon signs and drifted like fog into the street. Mimi walked through the bustling night life as if she hadn't a care in the world; no one who have suspected that she had murdered a man mere moments before.

And what luck! She now had a chance to have even more fun tonight. She would have to send Rudy a thank you gift. Perhaps he would appreciate the severed ears of the man he had sent her to kill. Rudy always did like unusual gifts. Mimi smiled, and those that saw that chilly smile shivered and turned their heads.

Mimi continued through the dark alleys until the smell of the river told her she was near her destination. She stopped in the shadows and looked over the abandoned docks. She smiled again when she saw that she was just in time; the hidden door was opening and the familiar bushy head of the young bartender came into view. Mimi slipped off her heels and inched forward in the concealing shadows.

She reached into her beaded purse and pulled out a small curved blade, a weapon she reserved for her most important jobs. The slim dancer appeared next and Mimi waited for her target. The poor man would never know what hit him.

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