Friday, July 23, 2010

Feature Friday: Maureen Price

[Good Morning, Fantastic Spatulans, and welcome to our first Feature Friday! Our first guest blogger is Maureen Price. I met Maureen in college so I have seen first hand what a talented and lovely individual she is. Not to mention an avid adventurer who's not afraid to move across the country to find it! I'm sure you'll have just as much admiration for her as well!]

Hi everyone! My name is Maureen and I'm a photographer, graphic designer, blogger, marathon trainee (2011!!), health nut, traveler, dog lover, and whimsical soul. I'm also a recent L.A. transplant. I took the trail out west after graduating from college in Raleigh, NC and now I'm just trying to figure out my life. When you deviate from the tried and true, dull and typical path in life, things tend to get interesting in good and bad ways. After getting laid off from my first California job (the company went down like a lead balloon) I decided to finally get myself in gear and launch my website AND my blog Notes on a Visual Life. It's been a fun journey so far and I've be blessed to have found a few real-life friends in that very virtual process. The day I began my blog I also began a 365 project. While many people embark on the 365 journey in the form of the self portrait, I decided it would be too easy for me and I didn't think anyone would be interested in looking at 365 unfortunate pictures of me over the course of a year. So, I opted to shoot bits and pieces of life around me. Mostly mundane, some striking and unusual. Let me tell you, it's a real challenge for a perfectionist like myself. It's never enough to just shoot a picture of whatever and call it a day. Sometimes I'll take dozens of shots on an average day and never use any of them for fear they aren't interesting enough. After about 30 days, I had exhausted the most obvious subjects in my apartment and had to start venturing further and further afar for new shots. I do tend to get behind in the actual sharing of my images (editing, sizing, hosting, posting, and tagging take time) but I always hope that, when I do find the time to process everything and post them on Flickr and then on my blog, people are excited to see what I've been seeing for the past few days or weeks. That being said, I thought I would share ten of my favorite shots from the 365 experiment! I hope you all enjoy them and maybe feel a bit inspired to take on the challenge yourselves!

Day 11--My beagle Chloe
Day 11

Day 22--Afternoon light
Day 22

Day 28--Opposite Directions in Griffith Park
Day 28

Day 31--Shell Interior
Day 31

Day 32--Light patterns at play
Day 32

Day 38--Standing tall
Day 38

Day 40--Valley of the Cactus Balls
Day 40

Day 46--The 6 Legged Octopus
Day 46

Day 50--Welcome Home
Day 50

Day 63--Malachite
Day 63

If you'd like to see some of my photography check out and if you're interested in my little blog, head on over to!


  1. Maureen,

    Thank you for posting to Fantastic Spatula! What a tremendous way to kick off feature Friday. Your work is...I don't know the words. Inspiring certainly fits, but it's not the only one. You've just won another reader.