Thursday, July 22, 2010

Along the Lines of Magic

Lucy's post about her art space got me thinking about my ideal art space. I just want a room ofmy own (thanks Miss Woolf). I am currently using this futon. As comfy as the old futon is and as nice as my parents are being toward someone who is painting on their furniture... the futon isn't the ideal space. But, It's not the worst. I think the worst art space I've had to take advantage of was my office. I've had to type stories at my desk during my free time because 1) my lap top was in one or another state of disrepair 2) there was not enough free time to drivehome, write at home and then drive back to the office. 3) I'm sure there are other good reasons why I had to use that space.

So, Lucy, my ideal art space. Is a room of my own. It doesn't have to be big just a place where I can write and read and do crafty things without being bothered. I also wouldn't
mind some fresh flowers around the place.

In other news, I've been gathering a lot of anecdotes from people lately. My father, a woman commissioner, friends I haven't talked to in a while have all been sharing stories that have revealed something to me about them I've not known before. Granted, most stories reveal such, but other stories you've heard over and over again and would rather not hear that same story about how your grandfather had to walk up hill in the snow to and from school everyday. Barefoot.

These anecdotes i've been hearing would make great short stories and I'll try to write some for all you spatulans. I'm working on one now called Kareoke. I guess you can imagine what that one would be about... or can you? That, I think, is one of the joys of great stories - they sometimes aren't what you expect. And we have some great story tellers here at fantastic spatula.

What are some great stories you've heard from someone you love and the ending (or whole story) wasn't what you expected?


  1. I've really enjoyed having a place of my own to be creative in. I hadn't really had one until now, and it's been so nice to just have a place to nest & nudge my thought processes around.

    ..And it's important to have this place. But what's more important is the art and magic we make in the end. Not just where we've made it. And you my uber cheesecake are an expert magic maker! ;)

  2. thanks miss wiggins. also.. there is a sentence in this post in which it seems like i'm describing my father as a woman commissioners... there's some magic for ya!

  3. Teehee, I saw that! I chuckled. XD