Monday, August 22, 2011

Recent Infatuations

  1. 2Cellos. Just have a listen and you'll understand why, when I heard them playing in a store, I had to know who they were, then download their album, and then play it on repeat all day today. 
  2. Harry Potter. Yeah, I'm about 500 years behind everyone else on this one. I should hide in shame that I'm only now reading the later books, but better late than never. Have you read them recently? Or, were you like me, and read the first when they originally came out? 
  3. eBooks. Further proof I'm just getting into the 21st century: I now read eBooks. I've always, always loved paper books--the smell, the texture of the paper beneath my fingers, the rustle of pages, the spines lined on a shelf, and the sigh that accompanies closing the back cover. Jerky electronic ink drove me to distraction; it looked like the reader was about to have a seizure. But books are overrunning the house. They are even creeping into our beds when we aren't looking. Of course, I can't stop buying books. And then my loving husband gave me a full-color touchscreen reader. It's been less than a week, but I think this infatuation might develop into a committed relationship. (I still buy hardback books. I just picked up another Harry Potter yesterday. See #2.) 
  4. Cake. Okay, this isn't recent, but don't we all need to fall in love with cake again? And again?
  5. Running. To combat #3. Actually, I'm training for a marathon. Yep, you read that right. I, Ms. Hates To Run, is in the early stages of marathon training, and I'm loving it. It actually ties in well with #2, because when my muscles yell at me, I picture Snape screaming at Harry, and my solution is to picture Ron, Hermione, and Harry disarming Snape at the end of The Prisoner of Azkaban. Bam! Knocked out cold. If you're interested, I recommend The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer
What are your infatuations? 

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