Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lucy's Love List

Quick entry tonight- the internet in town has been completely shut down all evening and only came back up a few minutes ago. Now there's a storm fixing to brew outside, so we're crankin' this thing out like only we can do in the South!

On to it! This is my Things I Love Thursday, or TiLT, list for the week! Feel free to leave a comment of all the things that made you smile this week! :)

 Sewing class! I went to my first sewing class this evening and it was a blast. Only the instructor and I were there. Which turned out to be a good thing because I definitely needed some one on one attention! I hadn't sewn since I was little and had some rather traumatic experiences with it. Thankfully my teacher had dated a behavioral psychologist so she knew just how to help me through it.

 Baking! I've been up to my elbows in baking this past week. When my little sister came home last week I made Butterbeer cupcakes that were to die for. The kitchen was a mess– always a sign of good food! Then this week I made coconut & white chocolate truffles. I died, went to heaven, then came back to life so I could go to work the next morning. SO GOOD.

 My baby sister came home! I haven't seen my 'Helga' (affectionate nickname I gave her in high school), since Christmas so it was great to see her again! Sadly she had to leave us and head back to Nashville. But we'll get her back soon enough. ;)

 Earthquakes! Okay, this is going to sound a little sadistic but I LOVE the excitement of earthquakes and hurricanes and the like. Obviously if they are bad enough then there's nothing to love about them. The ones that we had here in VA were only bad enough to knock the groceries off the shelves at the Food Lion. No lives were lost- so I feel okay to say it was just REALLY exciting!

..Oh, and we're going to have a hurricane this weekend. Lovely, no? Oh well, at least we East Coasters are used to hurricanes. Nothing a little duct tape can't solve, am I right? Right!

 SouLodge– I've been participating in this e-course taught by Pixie Campbell. Three weeks into it and I'm loving the projects and the experience of meeting new and wonderful women! So great! I love Pixie to death- she is awesome. Pure & Simple.

 Coffee dates– our friend Ricky rode into town with Helga this past week and we are going to have coffee and catch up some time soon. I haven't seen my "other brother" in ages! You all remember him from his guest post here on the subject of "Swag". Well, I am here to tell you that he is the real deal. Then again, I am a little bit biased. ;)

 Chance! I am excited beyond measure to have a guy on our staff here at FS! If you didn't read his intro article from yesterday GIT ON IT! You will all love him as much as I do. I promise you that.

Hm. I could keep going but I think that's enough love for now... The lightening flashing outside agrees with me! BUT, what about you lovely lot? What's given you the grins lately? 


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  1. I really like your book pages <3

    what made me happy: free movies at the outdoor cinema. free roller derby bouts. getting flowers for someone special. taking walks. playing scrabble in the park. a coffee maker. ice coffee in canteens. dreaming of new journals. getting out of work early to go watch shakespeare in the park. selling magnets. getting internet in the apartment! hayden<3 <3 <3