Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Magic: The World Danced

Happy Monday.  Is anyone else sleep deprived from watching World Cup games?  My husband couldn't believe I got back into bed this morning while I blow dried my hair.  But the electric atmosphere of the Cup is worth the bleary eyes and loss of communication skills beyond grunts and nods.  I celebrate for every player because of the years each one spent pursuing his dreams, pushing himself when the odds seemed impossible, and ignoring the criticism and naysayers.  When you put it that way, they seem awfully like artists.

So let's stand up and celebrate.  For your favorite team.  For the dream realized.  For the part of yourself you can see in them.

And let's dance.

South Africa after the first World Cup goal scored on African soil.  The nation banned from play for decades because of internal division unites the world.  That is reason to dance.

And world leaders celebrated, too.  People who changed and healed the world danced.  Fast forward to the 44th second.  I think watching Archbishop Desmond Tutu dance is worth following the link.

And others danced, too.


  1. Kemp, you make me smile. I am so excited! Can you tell? I'm hooked. I'm dreaming of Brazil in 2014.