Monday, May 24, 2010

Dreaming of Concrete Images

From Clip Art 

I'm a little late posting today because I've been drooling over the web pages for BookExpo America, New York Book Week, and the Book Blogger Convention like a kid with a Sears Wish Book before Christmas. I'd love to go to any-- or all-- of them, but I'm not ready financially or in my career, which leads me to this week's post.

Back in September, I read an awesome blog post about having a concrete image of your dream. (Sorry, I can't remember who posted this originally. If any of you know, please link.) The writer offered her concrete image as an example. She went to a book conference and an author came in with an arm-load of her books to give away. That visual became the blogger's concrete image. She wanted to be the author with the arm-load of books.

So, I offer you my concrete images:

1. The original: In college a professor put one of her books on the reading list. Normally that seems self-serving, but she told us that all the proceeds from the book were donated to charity. She received no financial reimbursement from her work. I want to be a writer who can donate the sales of books to a charity.

2. Tonight's image: I want to be one of the book professionals who can go to these awesome conferences, feel like she belongs, and write it off on taxes.

If you had to pick a concrete image, what would it be? 

P.S. I'll add my first fiction post in the coming week. Gulp!


  1. Do cobblestones count? When I lived in Portugal. I had a fascination, when I wasn't tripping over them, with the way they were dis-placed on the roads and sidewalks. These little 2x4 blocks being set in to place century after century. You could always tell the older blocks from the newer blocks. If you let your eyes unfocus, the patterns would be magically abstract.

  2. Leila,
    I say cobblestones count. What a great description. Thanks!