Thursday, February 11, 2010

50 Ways to Spread the Love

1. Leave uplifting, encouraging comments on someone's blog/facebook/myspace.
2. Declare your love to the world via twitter .
3. Write a (cohesive) love nothing but song lyrics.
4. Give someone flowers randomly; Don't let them find out who they're from.
5. When getting your daily dose of java (i.e. coffee, not script), pay for the person behind you.
6. Wink.
7. Leave beer on someone's doorstep with a note from 'The Beer Fairy'.
8. Do cartwheels down the hallway of your place of worship.
9. Have a bubble blowing contest with a five-year-old.
10. High-five a senior citizen.
11. Laugh until the tears come.
12. Kiss your Lover in front of resturant window.
13. Dance in your car. No, really! Make sure other drivers can see you.
14. Bust out in your own rendition of "All You Need is Love". In public.
15. Propose to your best friend with a dandylion ring.
16. Have a picnic with a homeless person.
17. Go fly a kite. No, seriously!
18. Better yet: Teach someone to fly a kite.
19. Send a mass txt message out to all of your friends telling them how they are wonderful and worthy of great love.
20. Call your grandmother!
21. Donate something. Anything: time, money, clothes, food, books.
22. Pack a shoebox.
23. Make a time capsule for your children. Write them a letter about yourself.
24. Make a mixed cd of ridiculously sappy love songs.
25. Write your Mother/Father/Loved one a letter of gratitude.
26. Write a letter of forgiveness to someone who has hurt you deeply.
27. Have an old-school slumber party with your friends. (Dye each others hair, wear wild makeup, enact bad horror movies!)
28. Create your own destiny. In photoshop.
29. Practice the long lost art of a Thank-You Note.
30. Write a letter to someone you hate, telling them how much you love them.
31. Blow kisses to complete strangers.
32. Instead of emailing fowards, email real letters.
33. Create an 8.5x11 in kick-ass collage of positivity and hope. Leave it in the waiting room of a Doctor's Office.
34. Cut your hair, donate to Locks of Love.
35. Babysit for a new Mom. (She needs the nap!)
36. Visit & Share @:
37. Ride down the road. Pick out a house. Write down the address. Send them an anonymous postcard.
38. Write a love letter to the universe, stick it in a random library book.
39. Bake experimental cupcakes with your best friend.
40. Donate blood.
41. Take ridiculous pictures with your friends while interacting with public statues.
42. Make a large sign that reads, "THANK YOU". Leave it at a war memorial.
43. Plant flowers in someone else's empty flower pots.
44. Make a fort in your backyard. Invite friends. Tell scary stories at night with a flashlight.
45. Learn how to dance. Waltz/Ramba/Tango/Salsa/Swing. Perform in the food court of your local mall.
46. Smile.
47. Make a list of your oddities. Vow to nurture and love them.
48. Pick a friend. Make a list of as many positive adjectives you can think of about them. Deliver it anonymously.
49. Re-learn the joys of fingerpainting; re-teach your friends.
50. Name a star after someone whom you love & inspires you.

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  1. 51. Write a post that inspires and leaves smiles.
    Oh wait, you just did that!